Sunday, 18 October 2015

Kellie Wallace talks about Her Sweetest Downfall

Her Sweetest Downfall by Kellie Wallace
Today we welcome Aussie author Kellie Wallace to Promote Me Please. Kellie agreed to answer five questions about her novel Her Sweetest Downfall.

Q1. Can you come up with a brand new logline/high concept that shows us your book in 25 or fewer words? 

During the height of the London Blitz, can one woman fight against all odds to achieve the one thing she wants most in the world?

Q.2. A word about the title. Which came first, the title or the plot? 

The plot came first. I had originally thought of something entirely different within the same time frame and the story evolved from there. The title Her Sweetest Downfall was a last minute decision right before publication!

Q 3. Who is your favourite
character in your book and why? 

That's hard! But I am biased when I say I love my MC Viola Craft. She embodies the woman of the 1940s: hard working, beautiful, tough, with a little hint of weakness. She is stronger than she believes and she's one of my characters I enjoyed creating. She's the type of woman I would love to meet. Actresses of the Golden Age inspired her creation, brutality of Bette Davis, the beauty of Rita Hayworth and the charm of Carole Lombard.

4. What other books by Aussie authors do you enjoy? 

I can't pinpoint just one. There are so many. Nora Roberts is an international author I enjoy. She is someone I would like to strive to become. She has an amazing catalogue and impressive reader base.

Q.5. Now, pretend you're a huge fan. Tell your best friend why he or she must totally buy this book. 

If you want a historical fiction novel surrounding forbidden love during the turbulent time of war, this book is for you. With strong characters and emotional themes, Her Sweetest Downfall will be a favourite in years to come.

Okay! There you have it. Now, to find the book itself you can check out Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can find Kellie on Goodreads and Facebook.

If you've enjoyed this Promote Me Please interview or if you'd like to showcase your own artistic endeavour, please leave a comment for Kellie. And don't forget to check out her book. Anything inspired by the Hollywood heroines of the '40s has got to be worth a look. The direct url to this interview is

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