Saturday, 26 July 2014

Interview with Greg Clark, owner of Clean Air Plus

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Today, I interview Greg Clark, owner of Clean Air Plus, which you may visit here

Q. 1. Clean Air Plus! That sounds enticing. How did you come up with the name for your company?

Greg: Back in 2004, the name was conceived during a discussion with a few family members. I believe it was my Dad who thought of the name. Originally, I was going to call the company "Air Purifiers HQ." Thankfully, I chose the name Clean Air Plus instead. I think it sounds more professional, like an actual brand name.

Q. 2. What brought you to the air-purifying business in the first place?

Greg: Growing up in one of the smoggiest areas of the U.S., Fresno, California, had a lot to do with it. For many years, Fresno was considered the asthma capital of the country. While I never had any severe health problems, I began developing allergies in my mid-20s. On many occasions, I was simply unable to sleep because my nose would get stuffy, and my throat was always irritated. I began looking for an air cleaning device that would remove the pollutants and allergens lurking in the air, causing these symptoms. Like so many people, I bought the cheap store brand air purifiers. They provided minimal filtration at best. After a few years of not-so-effective results, I contacted a well-known allergist in town to get his recommendation. He referred me to his brother, who was a sales rep for the better quality air purifier companies. After a demonstration, I bought two of the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr air purifiers.  Check it out here! After a few nights' use, I was impressed! I could breathe much easier, sleep much better, and felt better overall. I got to thinking that there really was a need for these products. And having considerable experience with the internet at the time, I started to envision developing an e-commerce based website that would offer only the very best air purifiers.

Q. 3. Who do you think will get the most benefit from your products?

Greg: Definitely allergy and asthma sufferers benefit the very most as they have a genuine need for clean air. Also, pet owners have a need for our products considering the amount of dander in the air. Otherwise, health conscious people make up a large demographic of our client base. These types of people are usually concerned with preventative health. Usually these types are into organic food, filtered water, non-chemical cleaning, etc. I would consider myself one of these types, so I can relate. In my opinion, everyone should have a HEPA air purifier in their bedroom, considering the amount of time spent in that room each night. During sleep, the body undergoes detoxification and repair, and having clean air to breathe is especially beneficial to this process.

Q. 4. It's a splendid idea to have articles available on your website for visitors and customers. Do you get much feedback on these?

Greg: I do. In fact, many visitors become customers after reading the articles. When I developed Clean Air Plus, I decided that it should not only be a sales site, but also a place where relevant information would be presented. Many of our articles are based on recent scientific studies. That's one of the key differences between us and much of the competition. These articles are not written as sales pieces; rather they serve as an educational and informational resource. Of course, the final paragraph of each article is promotional and invites the reader to check out our product offerings.

Q. 5. Describe in a few words how it feels to be a small business owner in the 20-teens.

Greg: Challenging, given the level of competition in this industry. There are numerous air purifier dealers on the web. Sadly, many of these dealers seem to be interested in sales over quality. While they do a great job at paid advertising, many of these companies sell products that provide minimal filtration at best and are made using cheap materials. From day one, our company never compromised. We made a decision to offer only the best air filtration products and continue to represent these same quality brands to this day. Everything we sell utilizes a medical grade HEPA filter that removes fine dust particles, allergens, microorganisms and soot from the air. All purifiers are either made in the USA, Canada or Switzerland using the finest components. Fortunately, we have many loyal customers who tell their friends and family about us. Word of mouth has been our very best form of advertising.

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