Saturday, 24 January 2015

Almney King and The Valley of Anchor


Today I welcome author Almney King to Promote Me Please to talk about her book, The Valley of Anchor.

Please tell us something about your book The Valley of Anchor.

  The main theme of “The Valley of Anchor” is the human condition. It’s about finding hope and inner strength and sharing those experiences with others. The poems are both a collaboration of my personal experiences and my imagination. With some of my poems, the storyteller in me definitely shines through. With others, the poems happen to be an emotional response to a lot of trials I witnessed those around me struggle with. “The Valley of Anchor” is my way to fight against the many societal and global issues in the world. Writing is not only an art to me, it’s a sword, and a guide, and a form of meditation. The world needs hope, passion, and wisdom, and I can only hope be a light for those you wish to be a light for others as well.
2. That's an intriguing title. How did you come up with it?

The Valley of Anchor is the lead poem in the book. It is a play on the word “Achor” found in the bible. The valley of achor actually comes in physical form and as a metaphor in the bible. Achor is a reference to the sin of Achan who defied God just before Joshua led the Israelites to battle and were defeated because of his sin. Achor means “great trouble.” However, the hope of the Israelites was not defeated although they faced death and destruction in that valley. So when I used the word anchor as a substitute for achor, I saw the anchor as a force that can either drown and kill, or act as a test to endure in faith and strength through troubled times.

3.     As a poet as well as an author, do you find your poetic skills helpful when writing fiction?

“All Light Will Fall” is definitely influenced by my passion for poetry. It has its own unique philosophical roots and poetic heart. I can never forget poetry with I write creatively. I find that it is the best way for me to communicate emotionally with both my characters and my readers. Poetry is a part of me and now seems to follow me where I go.

4.     What kind of person is your ideal reader?

I’m not quite sure actually. I welcome all readers with all thoughts and opinions. But I do say, that they must have an open mind, a need for imagination, and a heart hungry to learn. A person can never be too wise, or old, or uneducated. There’s nothing to look for or analyze with my writing. I only want my readers to feel, to take in what they can understand, and enjoy.

5. Do you find you have any themes that repeat across your work? 

Many themes repeat across my work. I find myself fascinated and somewhat even fixated on certain themes, like the philosophies of life and death, the search for the soul, human purpose, the balance of the spirit and the unseen nexus between us people and everything else that lives. I like to dig deep into these ideas. There’s something powerful, yet fragile and beautiful I discover there the more I dig. Sometimes digging can be quite scary, but the thrill of it keeps me exploring. I think I repeat these themes so often because there are still things for me to find, something monumental for me to uncover before I can finally leave. I know more often than not, I’m hardly understood, but I’m not greedy. Even if I can only reach one heart, that itself is enough for me. Thank you.

Thank you Almney!

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