Thursday, 26 February 2015

MR Jones and Ash on the Stairs

Today I welcome MR Jones to Promote Me Please, to talk about the new novel Ash on the Stairs. 
Q. Ash on the Stairs has an ominous ring to it. Did you choose the title before or after completing the book?

A. Yes, it’s true, the name Ash on the Stairs doesn’t make you think of gardens, flowers, and tea parties. I named the book and the main character at the same time and that was at the beginning of the story. I hope it intrigues the potential reader to take a look and see why Ash is on the stairs.

Q. Name three books someone might enjoy if they liked Ash on the Stairs 

A. There is always the gold standard of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Then there is Because You Are Mine by Beth Kery and Captivated by You by Sylvia Day.

Q. Debut novels are always special. Is this the book you were born to write, or is it one of many you might have debuted with?

A. Ash on the Stairs is my debut novel because I had written another book and couldn’t get anyone interested in publishing it. I realized if I wanted to sell my stories I had to write something people want to read. I became an erotic romance writer. I spun a story about Jesse Neil Ash, a tall highly intelligent young woman who took the stairs at work.

Q. Give me the high concept or log line of Ash on the Stairs.

A. You asked for the log line. Jesse Ash takes the stairs at work to avoid a predator and meets the man who owns work. He wants to own her heart.

Q. Which character is least or most like you in attitude and circumstance? 

A. I put a lot of my independent nature into Jesse and I have lived in a tiny one room apartment. However, I must say the character of the sexual predator, Jack Offiel, is the least like me in any way. As I wrote, he grew into a guy I love to despise. All the creeps I ever met went into him.

Ash on the Stairs is published by Eternal Press. 
ISBN 9781629292151

Eternal Press took the chance on me. 




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