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Lynne Stringer and the Verindon Trilogy

Lynne Stringer
Verindon Trilogy Book 1

 Today I welcome Lynne Stringer to Promote Me Please to talk about her Verindon Trilogy. Lynne agreed to answer five curious questions.

Q1. What is the high concept (log line) for the Verindon trilogy in 25 or fewer words?

A. ‘What if he told you that you were the only reason he was put on this planet … and it was the truth?’
It was this line that inspired the whole story.

Q2.      Who is your main character from The Heir? Can you tell us something about this character?

A. Sarah Fenhardt is my main character. She is a young girl from a broken home who goes to a prestigious school because her dad used to be rich. Unfortunately, poor business decisions meant he lost it all and now Sarah is ostracised at school. Her only real friend is Jillian, who is pretty much the opposite of Sarah in every way – forward, bossy and confident. She is also obsessed with science fiction and constantly tries to interest Sarah in it with such intensity that it makes Sarah sick of it.

The best thing about school, from Sarah’s point of view, is Dan Bradfield. Dan is Jillian’s boyfriend and Sarah’s secret crush. He is the sole heir to his father’s huge fortune but Sarah can’t shake the feeling that there is something strange about him.

Q3.      Did you always envisage the Verindon trilogy as a trilogy, or did The Heir come first?

A. I had the story for all three books pretty much worked out before I sat down and wrote The Heir. There were certain details about the story that aren’t introduced until much later but I had to sort them out before I could write the story. I needed to know where it was all going.

Q.4.      What is the time span of the three books? How much fictional time is covered?

A. The main story takes place over a period of about two years. I do have a scene at the end that skips forward ten years as a little peek at what’s happened to the characters in that time.

Q5.      Would you name three other books that might signpost readers who would enjoy the Verindon trilogy?

A. I usually describe it as Twilight meets Star Wars. There is an element of the Roswell series in them as well.

Here are some links where you can find out more about the Verindon Trilogy.

Lynne's website is and the website for the trilogy is

You can purchase the first book on Kindle here:

Thanks, Lynne!

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  1. Hi Lynne - I enjoyed reading the Verindon trilogy so good to see The Heir promoted here :)

  2. Hi Lynne - Thanks for sharing your process in writing the series. It's amazing how it can all start with just the one idea and then all the "what ifs" keep coming :)

    1. It was definitely an idea that grew and grew!

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