Tuesday 27 March 2018

Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light by Pauline Hosking

Pauline Hosking
Today we welcome Pauline Hosking to Promote Me Please, answering five quick questions about her new book, Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light. (The first book in the series also features in this blog at https://tinyurl.com/cinnamonstevens1)

Q.1. Cinnamon Stevens – Ghost Light is an intriguing title. Can you give us an elevator pitch?

A.1. To stop one of her besties being bullied, Cinnamon must discover what really happened in the out-of-bounds cemetery at night and solve the mystery of a haunted theatre.   

A “ghost-light” is the light is left on in an empty theatre so the theatre ghost doesn’t feel forgotten. It’s one of the many theatrical superstitions mentioned in the book.

Q.2. Cinnamon Stevens – Ghost Light is a sequel to Cinnamon Stevens – Crime Buster. How has Cinnamon changed since the events of the last book?

A.2. Crime Buster happened during Cinnamon’s first weeks in Year 7. This one begins a
Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light
month later. Because her last case ended so successfully Cinnamon’s now more confident. She’s almost thirteen and ready to break a few rules. There’s also the sneaking suspicion that her crush Angelo di Pietro may have clay feet...

Q.3. Please describe Cinnamon Stevens in five words.

A.3. Funny. Feisty. Tenacious. Caring. Strong.

Q.4. Give us five more words to describe the Cinnamon Stevens series.

A.4. Real-life. Real locations. Crimes. Clues.

Q.5. If Cinnamon Stevens could have her choice of any other fictional detective to work with on a case, who would she choose?

A.5. Commander Samuel Vines of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch who features in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. Sam is tough but fair, clever and kind. His men worship him and he sorts out criminals without fear or favour. He likes sleuthing at night. Cinnamon doesn’t like the dark, so she would feel safe working with him. And learn a lot!

The tinyurl for this interview is https://tinyurl.com/cinnamonstevens2

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