Thursday, 21 June 2018

Destiny's Queen by C.M. Simpson

Today we welcome C.M. Simpson to Promote Me Please to talk about her story, Destiny's Queen.
Q.I. Destiny’s Queen is a short story. Who or what is the queen?
A.1. The queen is a real queen. She is ruling alone, and has no partner, an issue she knows she must address if she is to keep her kingdom intact.
 Q.2. Which do you prefer writing; shorts or longs?
A.2. Is it bad to say that I like to write ALL the things? Short, super short, or extra long, I just like to write stories.
 Q.3. When writing Destiny’s Queen, did you know the ending before you got there?
A.3. No. I was experimenting with a writing approach called Writing into the Dark. It’s where you sit down, and basically say “I’m going to write a story”, and then you start typing with the first word or sentence that pops into your head, and you continue to type until you get to the end. Sometimes the endings surprise me.
 Q.4. In 25 or fewer words, what is Destiny’s Queen about?
A.4. A queen must marry to make an alliance, but her dream prince is dead, assassins are coming, war threatens, and deception is rife.
 Q.5. How did you come up with the title for Destiny’s Queen?
A.5 It just seemed to fit the tale, given the story was about how life takes unexpected turns and a chain of coincidences can lead to something that could only ever have been meant.
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