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Tied in Pink - a Word with Jeanette O'Hagan

Today we welcome Jeanette O'Hagan to Promote Me Please. Jeanette is the author of one of the stories in the Tied in Pink anthology. First, let's have the blurb of the anthology, and then Jeanette answers five questions.


Tied in Pink
 consists of 15 romantic stories from 14 different authors around the world. Some of the writers have many book titles to their name - including Meredith Resce, Jen Ponce, Michelle Irwin, Stacey Welsh, Joanne Efendi, Druscilla Morgan. Others are emerging or debut authors. The stories range from classic romance, to fantasy, Sci-Fi, thriller or family mystery. Some are sweet, some heart-warming or inspiring while others are more risque and edgy. All the stories are written from the heart and include a reference to a pink ribbon to honor those who are (or have been) affected by breast cancer.

Q1. How did you come to participate in the Tied in Pink anthology?

A I heard about the anthology when publisher Stacey Welsh mentioned that she was looking for writers to be involved. One of her work colleagues had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to do something for those affected by this far too common disease. Also a very close friend of mine was going through treatment for breast cancer at the time. I was thrilled at the idea of writing a story as a tribute to her and other friends who have faced this devastating disease. This is a charity anthology, so everyone involved – those that wrote the stories, the editors, proofreaders and graphic designer - all provided their time and skill free of charge and all profits go to breast cancer research.

Q2. What is the significance of the Tied in Pink name?

A.When we were brainstorming ideas for the anthology, I suggested that each story mentioned a pink ribbon as an Easter egg for the reader and everyone loved the idea. As you probably know, the pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness, so it was a perfect embodiment of the anthology’s purpose. Our anthology is ‘tied in a pink’ ribbon – as a gift to sufferers and survivors of breast cancer and their families as well as in support of breast cancer research.

Q3. What was your inspiration for the setting in The Herbalist's Daughter? 

A. While a number of the other stories in the anthology allude to breast cancer or have people with breast cancer as protagonists, my story is a sweet romance in a fantasy setting. Anna is a secondary character in my unpublished novels where she is an older widow and a bit more acerbic. At one point she mentions that she used to work in the palace as a nursemaid. I decided to expand on that concept, writing a short story about how she came to the palace ( and then this one set a couple of years later.

Q4. If you could pick a dream cast for your story-as-a-movie, who would play Anna?

A. I had to think a bit about this. Anna is not a beautiful princess though she is intelligent, brave and resourceful as well has having a kind heart. I did wonder about Jennifer Lopez but I think probably Daniella Alonzo or America Ferrera would be closer.

Q5. What short message would you like to give the readers of Tied in Pink?

A. If you buy Tied in Pink you will be helping the fight against breast cancer but you will also have a beautiful book full of entertaining and inspiring stories. Some of the stories made me smile, chuckle or sigh, while others brought tears to my eyes. And if you do buy, read and enjoy our anthology, we would love you to tell your friends and write a review (it doesn't have to be long) on Amazon, GoodReads or BookLikes.
Jeanette O’Hagan writes fantasy short stories, her Akrad’s Legacy series and poetry. You can find out more her on her website 

Thanks, Jeanette! Here's hoping for lots of sales. It looks like a win/win/win situation to me. It would make a grand Mothers' Day gift.

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  1. Thanks Sally for the opportunity to talk about Tied in Pink :) It's available on Amazon as e-book or print. I agree, it would make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. Great suggestion.

  2. What a great idea. I guess there would be very few people who haven't been affected either directly or indirectly by breast cancer.

    1. So true Margaret - it's such a common disease, affecting a great many women - often in their 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I really liked your story Jeanette. It was great to see a romance story with a different kind of setting and plot than usual. I really engaged with your characters and cared about what happened to them. Look forward to seeing more stories from you in the future.

    1. Thanks Nola - that makes me smile :) Love that you enjoyed the story,characters and setting - and am hoping to have some more stories published.

  4. Your story was definitely one of my favourites in the anthology, Jeanette. :-)

  5. Jeanette's story is one of my favorites, but I'm so proud of all of the wonderful stories and author's who contributed to Tied in Pink.

    1. Absolutely Stacey. So many wonderful stories and great authors :) Thanks so much for initiating and then making the anthology happen. As Sally says its a win/win/win situation :)

  6. Thanks for the comments, folks! If you'd like to follow the blog you'll see some other wonderful books showcased.