Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Dreams of the Serpent by C.M. Simpson

Today we welcome C.M. Simpson to Promote Me Please to answer five questions about Dreams of the Serpent .
Q.I. Serpents appear in the mythologies of numerous cultures. What does the one in Dreams of the Serpent symbolise?
A.1. An alien race.
Q.2. Tell us about the protagonist of Dreams of the Serpent.
A.2. The protagonist has been sent to broker a peace with an alien race, but doesn’t want to stay there. She has dreams, and must face a difficult choice to fulfil her company obligations or do what she most wants. She is strong-willed and determined, and not some damsel waiting for rescue.

Q.3. Do you deliberately use themes in your writing, or do you find they insert themselves?
A.3. I never deliberately choose a theme, but I always find them, either as I write, or when I’m editing. It’s funny how the subconscious works.

Q.4. What do you enjoy most about writing? Plot, character, theme or style?
A.4. Story. I like the story, so I guess I like the plot, but plot alone isn’t story, you need characters to make to it live. Theme and style are just elements that carry the story and portray character, but plot and character are the story itself, and those are my favourite parts.

Q.5. Did you write Dreams of the Serpent in response to a particular idea or incident? If so, what was it?
A.5 If I recall correctly, I used an Excel spreadsheet listing parts of titles to randomly roll the first and second half of a title, and I wrote from there. Reading back over it, I see it again has a theme of workplace loyalty, dreams and choices, and that may have been because I was coming to a crossroads in life, where I had finished one part of the journey (my degree), and had to choose the next trail to follow. Whatever the influence was, I didn’t consciously choose to put it in the story.
 Dreams of the Serpent by C.M. Simpson: Released 7th April 2018

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Let's Jam by Judy and Keith

Today we welcome Judy & Keith to Promote Me Please to talk about Let's Jam. As usual, I asked five questions and here are the answers.

Q.1. Let's Jam is an intriguing title. Is it a direct quote from the book and if so, who says it?

‘Let’s Jam’ is a play on words and merges two worlds—culinary arts and musicians. It is used towards the end of the story as the name for a chain of restaurants. Simon (the drummer) suggests it to Lacy (the chef).

‘Let’s Jam’ is a play on words and merges two worlds—culinary arts and musicians. It is used towards the end of the story as the name for a chain of restaurants. Simon (the drummer) suggests it to Lacy (the chef).

    Q.2. Who is your favourite character from Let’s Jam?

The story is basically a young adult romance between Lacy and Simon. It’s difficult to choose between the two characters, but if forced, it would be Lacy.
   Q.3. I see from the blurb this story has a rocker and a chef. Tell me about one piece of research you did for these characters.

    All adapted from personal experience…we have multiple rockers and chefs in our extended family and have hosted many groups, some extremely successful, in our converted garage-slash-recording studio.

4.Q.4.     Okay, let’s play the- If-you-like-this-book-you-will-like-Let’s Jam game. Can you give me a title?

     Nothing jumps to mind, but there was a movie a few years back called ‘a taste of romance.’
   Q.5. Three words to describe Let’s Jam please?

    A sweet romance.

S Sounds a lot of fun... to read more about Let's Jam or to buy the ebook, visit the links below.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light by Pauline Hosking

Pauline Hosking
Today we welcome Pauline Hosking to Promote Me Please, answering five quick questions about her new book, Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light. (The first book in the series also features in this blog at

Q.1. Cinnamon Stevens – Ghost Light is an intriguing title. Can you give us an elevator pitch?

A.1. To stop one of her besties being bullied, Cinnamon must discover what really happened in the out-of-bounds cemetery at night and solve the mystery of a haunted theatre.   

A “ghost-light” is the light is left on in an empty theatre so the theatre ghost doesn’t feel forgotten. It’s one of the many theatrical superstitions mentioned in the book.

Q.2. Cinnamon Stevens – Ghost Light is a sequel to Cinnamon Stevens – Crime Buster. How has Cinnamon changed since the events of the last book?

A.2. Crime Buster happened during Cinnamon’s first weeks in Year 7. This one begins a
Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light
month later. Because her last case ended so successfully Cinnamon’s now more confident. She’s almost thirteen and ready to break a few rules. There’s also the sneaking suspicion that her crush Angelo di Pietro may have clay feet...

Q.3. Please describe Cinnamon Stevens in five words.

A.3. Funny. Feisty. Tenacious. Caring. Strong.

Q.4. Give us five more words to describe the Cinnamon Stevens series.

A.4. Real-life. Real locations. Crimes. Clues.

Q.5. If Cinnamon Stevens could have her choice of any other fictional detective to work with on a case, who would she choose?

A.5. Commander Samuel Vines of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch who features in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. Sam is tough but fair, clever and kind. His men worship him and he sorts out criminals without fear or favour. He likes sleuthing at night. Cinnamon doesn’t like the dark, so she would feel safe working with him. And learn a lot!

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