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Rocky and the Raptors by Carlie Simonsen

Today we welcome Carlie Simonsen to Promote Me Please to talk about the last book in her Otherworld Adventures series. Carlie Simonsen is the pen name used by C.M. Simpson so that her YA fiction doesn’t get mixed up with the science fiction novels she writes for an older audience.
Q.1. Rocky and the Raptors sounds like a band name. Is this right? If so, please tell us about it. If not, who are Rocky and the Raptors? Would you tell us who, or what Rocky might be?
A.1. It’s not a band name. The story is about Rocky, a young boy from outback Australia, who has journeyed across space with his family in order to help some aliens with their colony. Raptors are found on the planet, and the colony is surrounded by a high wall, that it extends as it expands, clearing each new area of raptors, first.
Q.2. Who is your favourite character in Rocky and the Raptors?
A.2. I’m torn. I like Rocky, but it’s his little sister and her teddy bear that make me smile.
Q.3. Elevator pitch! Go!
A.3. Aaagh! Too much pressure! Fine. When Rosie’s teddybear is stolen by a bird, Rocky has to go beyond the colony walls to get it back. The first problem is that raptors live and hunt beyond the wall, and Teddy might be hard to find. The second problem? If Rocky doesn’t go looking for Teddy, Rosie just might—and Rocky likes his little sister, even if she is a massive pain! The story follows Rocky as he sneaks out into raptor territory to fetch his little sister’s teddy bear and bring it back, before she tries to go fetch it herself.
Q.4. How did you choose the narration method of Rocky and the Raptors? (i.e. first person, third person, told-in-letters…)
A.4. Rocky and the Raptors is more traditional than Dear Tiger. It’s also for a slightly younger audience. For this series, I chose third person narration.
Q.5. If Rocky and the Raptors was a film, who would play Rocky?
A.5. Oh, wow – that’s tricky, but mostly because I’m fond of Pixar. Let me do a little research… Nope, still no luck. The person who played Rocky would have to be a male actor around ten to twelve, maybe even thirteen. After that, I’d say it’s up to the director and casting, because how I imagine Rocky won’t be how others do. For instance, while I see Rocky as having short hair, that doesn’t have to be the case, and, while I’ve pictured him as European in descent, that’s just because that’s been the nationality of most of the station families I’ve met, and that doesn’t have to be so, either. Really, a Rocky and the Raptors movie could put any physically active male actor in that role, provided they looked the right age, could ride a horse, and looked like the kind of person brave enough to make friends with aliens, and brave and caring enough to look after their little sister down to rescuing her teddybear and sewing him up when they found him.
Rocky & the Raptors

Release Date (in AEST) is as follows (although it officially comes out a day earlier US time):
Rocky & the Raptors: May 11, 2018
The Rocky Adventures Omnibus: June 29, 2018 (and available, now, for pre-order)

Links for Rocky & the Raptors are as follows:

Links for The Rocky Adventures Omnibus are as follows:

Thanks, Carlie!

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