Monday, 20 February 2017

About Promote Me Please

Promote Me Please blog is a service provided by Affordable Manuscript Assessments

Affordable Manuscript Assessments provides assessments, editing, mentoring and help for self-publishers at an affordable price. We also sell a range of how-to books to help authors make the most of their work. 

We do not give marketing advice, because that is a job for an agent. 
This disappoints a lot of clients, so we decided to provide a promotion service. Promote Me Please blog is open to anyone with a creative endeavour to promote. Every promo is given a unique url so readers can find it directly without scrolling down through many other posts.

We ask creators for the following:
1. Choose between a guest post or five questions. 
2. Write something new for your choice. Do not send us to a website or send ready-made material.
3. Provide jpegs and links if wanted.
4. Consider reading and commenting on a couple of other posts on the blog. 
5. Follow us! Remember, the more comments and followers we get, the better chance your post has of attracting new readers.

To request a promo, send an email to sodgers(AT)iinet(DOT)net(DOT)au.

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