Friday, 8 January 2016

Allison Cosgrove and her Stan Brookshire series

Today we welcome author Allison Cosgrove to Promote Me Please to answer five questions about her work.

1. Stan Brookshire; homicide detective, is the protagonist of five five (I think?) novels, including the upcoming title The Widowmaker. What are three words that describe Stan's character?

A. Never give in. While Stan isn't perfect, he is one that will not give up no matter the cost to him personally. This goes for not only the cases he works but also in his personal life. 

2. How did you come up with the character of Stan Brookshire? His name suggests he isn't a typical "hero" type.

A. He's the everyday man, just trying to do his best to right the wrongs of his world. I created him to be a person that everyone could related to in some way or another. He’s not perfect, he's made some HUGE mistakes in his personal life and his career, sometimes stubborn, loud and a person who hides his insecurities behind a mask of humor. He is human.
3. Could readers come to The Widowmaker as new readers, or is the series best read in order?

A. One thing I always found annoying with s series that you had to read all of them, in order, in order to keep up with what’s going on. So when I wrote my own series I decided to make each one of them stand on their own, there is an distinctive end to each book, so no cliffhangers! There are moments in later books where Stan will refer back to other cases from previous books, but there are no spoilers.  

4. What prompted you to write The Dark Horse Trilogy? How does it differ from your better-known Stan Brookshire novels?

A. Dark Horse is an upcoming trilogy where I explore a 'what if' style of scenario, it is considerably darker than my usual novels but it will still have ties back to the original Stan Brookshire series. I need my hero in this one! 

5. What's coming next from Allison Cosgrove?
A. This year will see two more Stan Brookshire series books, two to three more in the Den of Thieves series, and the opening of the Dark Horse Trilogy. I will be working on other projects as well throughout the year but for now that's all I have going on.

All! That sounds a great deal to most of us, I'm sure. To catch up with this active writer, head off to 
Twitter: alleycat34

Thanks, very much to Allison for visiting our blog.

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  1. really interesting! I'll read soon The Dark Horse Trilogy!!