Sunday, 10 January 2016

Michelle Path Talks About Her Books

Today we welcome Michelle Path to Promote Me Please to talk about her children’s books.

Q1 Hi, Michelle; while trawling about on Twitter, I found my attention attracted by some wonderfully funny and individual illustrations. So… would you tell our readers about these?

A I like to come up with characters that are unique and fun for children to get to know. I think the best way for children to learn to love to read is by being able to identify with the characters in some way. Incorporating these into stories that are weird and whacky is something that I love to do as an author. The illustrations really bring my stories to life. I am fortunate to have been able to work with such talented artists.

Q2 Sham Subterranean and Xalien and a pirate scared of birds are just three of your characters. Please describe Sham Subterranean in three words.

A Unique, mysterious and likeable

Q 3 OK, who is the pirate and why is he scared of birds?

A The pirate is named Crackskull Jack. He is the captain of a raggedy crew and sails on his ship The Eye of the Storm. Everyone has something they are frightened of and Jack’s phobia just happens to be a fear of birds. Fears are not always rational and logical and Crackskull Jack’s is ironic to say the least. He is on a quest to find a cure for his fear.

Q 4 Which is your favourite of your own books so far and why?

A, I have two favourites. Firstly Xalien the Purple Alien: Xalien Goes to the Zoo. I love animals and one of my main messages as an author is about caring for animals. Xalien is so fun to write about that she almost writes her own adventures.
Secondly Suki and the Seedling. It was the first book I have had published and it is a Chinese based fairy tale with an environmental theme. Caring for the environment is another issue that I am passionate about so it is a book I am incredibly proud of. I wrote the story a few years ago. Jyoti Di Cola really worked her magic on the illustrations.

Q 5 What’s next for Michelle Path?

A. I have seven books coming out this year (2016) including my first chapter book Rory Aqua Adventure Man. I also have a short story book to be released towards the end of the year titled Phantasmagorical Phobias which includes The Pirate Who Was Scared of Birds and another 5 stories which all deal with ironic phobias. I also have a book called Cody the Pony which I wrote based on my own experiences with my pony Cody. The other books are mainly sequels including a new pirate book and the second Subterranea story.

Thanks, Michelle! And here are some links for readers to follow.

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  1. Hi Michelle - The Pirate Who Was Scared of Birds sounds like a fun read. Love the cover. All the best with your other publications this year.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jeanette; Amazing what we can find on Twitter!

    2. Thanks Jeanette. There are currently 3 books in my pirate series to enjoy.